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As many are aware we had our initial club meeting yesterday. I will say that the attendance and support exceeded our expectations. On behalf of the committee, I want to extend a sincere thank you to all who came out.
High-level summary
  • Over 25 in attendance
  • This is happening – We will be advancing to a true club. A committee will oversee the business planning and operations of the club there will also be a handful of trustees that will be instrumental as well as several willing volunteers. (committee members and trustees will be announced very soon)
  • We will support 6 events in the Omaha area in 2019 / 2 swaps 4 meetings. There may be other informal events sprinkled in.
  • The first swap will be Sunday, March 3rd. We are working to finalize the venue this week but mark your calendars it is happening. We already have more than a dozen vendors that have expressed interest in getting a table. That number will most certainly grow.
  • Full 2019 calendar to be released in the next couple of weeks
  • We will be working to determine the best course of action for incorporation and designation in the coming weeks – we will enlist the advice of a professional(s) in determining this. An important note: The accounting will be transparent to club members with all funds being invested back into the club.
  • Our name will be changing to reflect a narrower focus. Midwest is too broad. More to come on that very soon.
  • There is no requirement to become a paid club member to remain a part of this Facebook group. That said, there will be several benefits to becoming a club member. Some of those will include free/early admission to swaps, free/early admission to meetings, the potential for members only informal events, and contests, auctions etc… Perhaps one of the greatest benefits will be having a voice in the direction of the club. Only members will be involved in business meeting and voting situations.
  • Member Dues: 1st yr $25 for a single individual $5 for each additional family members. Renewals are $15 for an individual and $20 for a family. We are very pleased to report that pretty much everyone in attendance today either signed up or indicated that they will be doing so.
  • We know many will have questions. You will see much more on this in the coming days and weeks. Feel free to post your questions here or send a PM on Facebook if that is your preference. We will answer them as promptly and thoroughly as possible. As we are in the infancy stages of this, we may not be able to provide specifics on some aspects just yet.


– Justin


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